Fake Agent Uk Vol 2 [2020]

Fake Agent Uk Vol 2 [2020]

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Fake Agent Uk Vol 2 2020


General Info
Name: Fake Agent Uk Vol 2
Emma Butt, Tara Holiday, Alyssa Divine, Suhaila Hard
4K Ultra HD, Amateur, Anal, Appearance, Auditions, Big Tits, British, Ethnic, European, Gonzo, International, Oral, Rimming
Fake Agent UK
Sometimes girls come back to me wondering why I haven't contacted them, and depending what they did or didn't do (as the case might be) I usually tell them they need to be dirtier. Alyssa is a cute, slim ebony chick that came back to me with some new enlarged assets along with a desire to try anal. Which I was more than happy to oblige. After checking out her great new fake tits, I set her to purpose with a bit of finger fucking. This led me to stick my finger in her arse to warm it up, ready for the finale. But, I found her arsehole to be incredibly tight. There's a wonder she could shit anything bigger than smarties out of that hole. Anyway, I got on with sampling her sweet pussy, and when I felt the time was right, I went to stick my cock in that arse... Well... It was like me and long algebra, we just don't get on. Best give it a minute I thought, so I carried on fucking her pussy. Then I tried again... Sweet Jesus, I almost snapped my cock trying to squeeze it in. This was strictly a one way street, no entry, parking prohibited. No fucking chance I was getting my cock in there. Undeterred, I stuck it back in her pussy and then shot cum all over her arse. So I then told her to go away and come back, when she could fit something bigger than a pencil in that arse of hers. I'll be waiting.
Frame rate: 24.000 fps
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution: (852x480) Mega Pixels
Duration: 02:24:14
Format: mp4
File Size :2.86 GB

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