Gangbang Creampies Dripping Gems 2020

Gangbang Creampies Dripping Gems 2020

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Gangbang Creampies Dripping Gems 2020


Gangbang Creampies Dripping Gems 2020
Cast:Christy Love, Scotty P, Lexi Mansfield, Eddie Jaye, Chris Cock, Kyle Aziani, Jon Rogue, Rey Castillo, Randy Denmark
categories: Asian, Creampie, Gangbang, Gonzo, International, Interracial, Masks, Sex Toy Play, Shaved, Squirting, Swallowing
Director: Buzz Aziani
Year: 2020

The time has come for Christy to make good on all her interview promises of huge squirts and mind-blowing head (not to mention her affection for taking multiple creampies). Christy will take SIX CREAMPIES today before her epic gangbang is over. By the way, she totally delivers on all her squirt and blowjob promises. This is one for the record books. Things start off innocently enough, with Christy on her back, getting warmed up by Chris Cock's sex toy. Everything else she is about to take in her openings will be much bigger. It doesn't take long before Eddie's cock ends up in her mouth to fulfill that promise. Cue the world-class blowjob. The FIVE COCKSMEN return the favor by taking turns eating Christy's responsive pussy before filling it with multiple loads. Rey tries to get squirt #1 out of her by just using his mouth. He almost gets her there, but the temptation for the other guys to put a dick inside Christy is just too much. Eddie gets first dibs and winds up extracting squirt #1 out of her through penetration. Rey jumps in for the assist, though. That boy loves his squirt! He gets a couple more down the line too. Well, actually I lost count how many squirts Rey cleans up. The crown jewel of Christy's squirts happens right at the 17:00 mark, if you're a connoisseur. However, let's not forget, this is and it's not about fluids coming out of Christy, it's about the Cocksmen pumping creampie fluids INTO Christy! Eddie Jaye drops load #1 into Christy's squirt-lubricated pussy, finally replenishing some much-needed fluid into her. Fresh off his practice run during the interview, the Masked Man is up for creampie #2 with Christy in s'mish. After that, the loads just keep droppin', even including a cumshot in Christy's mouth from Rey as she gets fucked by Chris. She gets loaded by so many creampies, eventually we have to break out the wand to extract all the cum. Christy props herself up in a squat, vibes her pussy, and lets the creampies ooze out. Fear not viewers, the Cocksmen still have two more loads to deliver in Christy's pussy after that (and even a second on her face)! By the end, Christy is a quivering, squirted out, creampie-filled, beautiful mess. There is no doubt she will be back for a round two with more loads, more squirt, more Cocksmen, and more...everything! You just never know what to expect from an amazing girl like Christy. They say you're always hungry an hour later after you eat Chinese, but the Cocksmen lay that rumor to rest by eating Lexi's pussy thoroughly so everybody's appetites are satisfied, including Lexi's. Once the appetizer is finished, everybody takes their turn in Lexi's tight hole. Chris tries to make it Year of the Dog by fucking Lexi doggie style, then Randy thinks it's Year of the Cow by giving Lexi a ride in reverse cowgirl. Even though the Cocksmen can't keep their zodiacs straight, it doesn't stop them from dropping some legendary loads like clockwork in Lexi's pussy. Rey drops the first creampie, but then it gets rained out shortly after during the extraction process as Lexi SQUIRTS all over the table! Next up is Eddie as he makes sure Lexi is FUCKED, FILLED, AND FED with a big load inside her and the excess in her mouth. Lexi Mansfield keeps plowing her field of men until they are all empty.

Format: mp4
Size: 3.04 GB
Width: 960 Height: 540
Duration: 02:24:57

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